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Top 5 Best Swarovski Binoculars for Hunting • (2024 Reviews)

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Since you’re here right now, I already know that you’re a person of impeccable taste. Choosing the best Swarovski binoculars for hunting leaves no room for error. Swaro makes the best hunting binoculars bar none. If you want razor-sharp clarity with zero edge blur or chromatic aberration, then you choose Swaro.

In this guide, I put my expertise to work to assemble the top Swarovski hunting binoculars currently on the market. You’ll find excellent options for deer, elk, and backcountry hunting out West. Plus, Swaro glass is ideal for both rifle hunting and bow hunting.

Before we take a look at my top picks, let’s quickly get acquainted with the company.

Who is Swarovski?

Swarovski is a world-renowned jewelry company based in Austria that specializes in glass production. With over a century of knowledge in glass production – they’ve been around since 1895 when Daniel Swarovski founded the company – Swarovski brings the most to the table when it comes to bino tech.

Swarovski Optik is a subdivision that manufactures optics, including binoculars widely used by experienced hunters. The optics division has been around since 1949 and is also based in Austria. In addition to binoculars, Swarovski Optik manufactures spotting scopes and rifle scopes.

The final piece of the puzzle is Swarotec. Swarotec is a division of Swarovski Optik and the brains behind most of the advancements you’ll find featured in the binoculars below. Overall, Swarovski is a well-established, real-deal type of company that other brands can only try to mimic.

What are the best Swarovski binoculars for hunting?

When choosing Swarovski binoculars for hunting, there are several key factors to consider:

  • Magnification – I prefer between 8 and 12 for hunting to get the optimal FOV (field of view)
  • Lens Diameter – 40 to 50 mm is a good balance between weight and FOV
  • Weight – If you’re backcountry hunting or camping, then you want to keep weight down or at least to a level you feel comfortable with for your hunting pack

Now that you know the considerations that went into my decision-making, let’s check out the glass.

Swarovski Binoculars Reviews

In each of the reviews below, I list important notes to consider along with pros & cons to help you land on the right pair or pairs.

#1) Swarovski SLC 42 Binoculars with FieldPro Package

If you’re new to Swarovski glass or want to avoid going overboard with your spending, then the SLC 42 offers the most value for the money. For starters, these are specifically built for hunting and to last a lifetime. When you first look through the lenses, you’ll immediately notice how crisp the image quality is without oversaturation. The image is true HD quality with no blurring and especially clear peripheral definition – this is where inferior glass tends to fail.

Second, Swaro puts an emphasis on expanding the FOV in a more compact package. Both the 10×42 and 8×42 sizes offer an impressive FOV at 7.8º and 6.3º respectively. Then, you must consider that the apparent FOV of 61º for both models gives you edge-to-edge clarity that other binoculars simply do not offer.

Third, the SLC 42 model performs exceptionally well when glassing in low-light conditions. You’ll be able to clearly spot game hiding below shady trees or while stalking in on a herd of elk. Plus, you’ll be able to glass quarry in greater detail to plot your moves with more confidence.

Lastly, the SLC 42 is compact and one of the most lightweight hunting binoculars offered by Swaro. Also, the ergonomic design blended with optimal eye relief makes these more than comfortable to use for long hours, particularly for senior hunters or eyeglass wearers.


  • One of the lightest and most compact models
  • More affordable than elite models
  • Backed by an extensive 10-year warranty
  • Includes the FieldPro case with strap
  • Excellent for hunting in low-light conditions
  • Comfortable for all-day use


  • Other models carry a lifetime warranty
  • No wrap-around grip
  • No Swarovision tech

#2) Swarovski EL 42 Binoculars with FieldPro Package

Now for my personal favorite of the bunch, the EL 42. Similar to the SLC, these are available in multiple sizes, with the 8×42 and 10×42 sizes being the optimal choice for hunting. However, depending on your taste, you may find value in the extremely lightweight and compact EL 32 model. Also, the EL 50 bino is a good choice for glassing long distances or during the twilight hours.

What are the upgrades compared to SLC glass? The first key upgrade offered by the EL model is Swarovision for even better color fidelity and the clearest edge-to-edge images offered by the Swarovski Optik family. Second, the easy wrap-around grip for greater comfort and control. Third, the enhanced EL focusing mechanism for even easier and more accurate control.

Overall, those are the three main features to weigh if you’re on the fence between choosing the SLC and EL models. All things considered, both binos are two of the best available for hunting, though, the EL model carries the highest grade of tech offered by Swarovski Optik for unreal image quality & comfort.


  • Swarovision for the clearest images
  • Comfy wrap-around grips
  • The enhanced EL focusing mechanism
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Max color fidelity
  • You’ll be able to notice details you never thought possible on every hunt


  • More costly than the SLC model for features you might be able to live without
  • Does not match the FOV offered by my next pick
  • No Swarovision tech

#3) Swarovski NL Pure 8×42 Binoculars

To some they might be overkill to others it’s worth owning the best binoculars on the planet. To glass buffs, the NL Pure is the top of the ladder where only Zeiss and Leica can compare. In reality, if you want the best hunting binoculars for a lifetime of use as an avid hunter, then the NL Pure is worth the extra cost.

What makes the NL Pure so special? The first reason to choose the NL Pure is the exceptional ergonomic design that goes even a step further than the coveted EL glass goes. Second, the NL Pure offers the largest FOV in the Swaro lineup with an impressive 9.1º FOV on the 8×42 (that’s an astonishing 477 ft at 1000 yards). Consequently, these are the best 8×42 binoculars for hunting on the market.

As far as image quality, the NL Pure blends its massive FOV with Swarovision for a truly immersive experience. You’ll undoubtedly have the best and most comfortable glassing sessions of your life with the NL Pure. On top of that, Swarovski offers an optional headrest that transforms these already alpha binos into something most bino owners can only wish to experience.


  • Swarovision for maximum image definition
  • A larger field of view than the EL and SLC models
  • The best 8×42 by Swarovski for hunting (smaller without sacrificing FOV)
  • Lifetime warranty
  • The best performance in low-light conditions
  • Most comfortable sculpted barrel design
  • Headrest attachment for even greater comfort


  • Higher cost than the EL and SLC models
  • You might not like the landscape carrying bag orientation

#4) Swarovski EL Range Binoculars

Alright, now for the best rangefinder binoculars by Swarovski, which also happen to be the best you’ll find in that category since this is Swaro we’re talking about. Essentially, Swaro outfitted its EL model with a rangefinder to reduce your optics load. If you’re accustomed to having a rangefinder and binos hanging around your neck while bow hunting, the convenience of having both in one is the biggest advantage to choosing rangefinder binoculars.

Currently, Swaro offers the EL Range in its standard forest green color and orange, which is a color you don’t often find offered by Swarovski Optik in its hunting line. When you use these during your first glassing session, you may find the experience a bit awkward. However, once you get used to them, you’ll savor the ability to quickly range game and surrounding landmarks.

Regarding specs, the EL Range binos offer an effective range of 33 to 1500 yards, one-handed distance measurements, Swarovski’s advanced Swaro-Aim tech for more accurate distance measurements on funky terrain, and the option to set the display intensity level to automatic adjustments.


  • Swaro EL binoculars and rangefinder in one
  • Swaro-Aim tech for maximum accuracy on all terrains
  • Available in green and orange
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Clear, easy-to-ready display with automatic angle compensation
  • 10×42 and 8×42 sizes available
  • A scan mode for moving game


  • It may take time to adjust to carrying rangefinder binoculars at all times
  • FOV and comfort isn’t quite on par with NL Pure

#5) Swarovski CL Companion 10×30 Binoculars

The final Swarovski hunting binocular to check out is the CL Companion 10×30 size. There’s also a CL Pocket model that’s too small for hunting purposes. In the CL line, the 10×30 is the way to go for deer hunting or hunting big game out West. Having said that, the CL model is Swaro’s budget model that doesn’t come with some of the bells & whistles offered by my first four picks.

The greatest advantage of choosing the CL Companion bino over the first four is its compact design that also happens to be very lightweight. If you’re a minimalist packer, the CL Companion certainly won’t weigh down your bag or take up more room than you’d like in your daypack. Additionally, less weight around the neck is always a plus.

To give you an exact idea of size, the 10x32s weigh just 18.2 oz and measure 4.7″ long. Finally, it’s important to consider that while the CL Companion still offers optics that blow most of the competition out of the water, this model does not feature Swarovision and other Swaro-specialities that make the images produced by the first four models truly pop off the page.


  • The lighest and most compact model in this guide
  • The most affordable of the five
  • Available in multiple colors
  • 8 and 10x magnification available


  • Max lens size is on the small side for hunting at 30 mm
  • Stay away from the CL Pocket for hunting
  • No Swarovision or other advanced tech

Bottom Line

What are the best Swarovski binoculars for hunting? The answer is all the models in this guide. It was my job to point out all the reasons you may or may not want to choose one model over the other. Of the five, the EL is my personal favorite for hunting, and it’s trusted by hunters across the globe.

For the most superb quality and comfort, the NL Pure is the alpha bino. While certainly not for everyone, it packs in features that set it apart from the other Swaro models and of course, the competition. In the end, choosing the right glass for you comes down to your preferences and budget because when you choose Swarovski, it’s almost impossible to go wrong.

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